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Seaview Rotary Wings, Brooklyn NY.
|   April 20, 2018

All members should be familiar with the AMA national Model Aircraft safety codes along with our local club safety rules:

AMA Safety codes


Safety does not just fall on our designated Safety Officer – BUT to EVERYONE

If you shall see any person operating in a non-safe matter – YOU have the right to speak up and say “TAKE TWO”. – Take two minutes to stop and check out the unsafe situation.   

Field Safety

Except for Public flying days the gate to our field must be kept locked at all times.

No flying if there are people on the field or during field maintence i.e. mowing.

Only club members, their guests, event participants can flying provided they have current AMA membership.

If there is debris is present on the field it must be properly discarded before flying

Smoking is not permitted. Alcohol consumption or drug usage that could adversely affect a pilot to safely control the model is not permitted.

Before turning on your 72/53 MHz transmitter check for other pilots using your frequency.

All members must follow New York City Park rules: http://www.nycgovparks.org/sub_about/rules_and_regulations/rr_1-04.html

In the event of emergencies dial - 911 our field is located at:
Calvert Vaux Park – Entrance on Shore Parkway Service Road
Gravesend Bay, Shore Parkway service road, Bay 44-Bay 49 Streets

If possible have someone meet the emergency responders at the front gate and lead them to our field.

The closest Hospital is:
Coney Island Hospital
2601 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11235 General Information: (718) 616-3000

Pit Area Safety
No spooling up (spinning blades).
While in the Pit Area watch for people that may wander onto the field, be on the lookout for potential safety hazards
Unless approved by a Board member, parking in the Pit Area is for members only

Flight line Safety
Shall be a safe distance from the Pit Area
No pets or children on the flight line
Inform other pilots before retriving a downed aircaft or other intentions.
Flights behind the flight line or over the pits is prohibited.

Always think safety!


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